Orange Oil Termite Treatment - Pros and Cons to Eliminate Termites

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Orange oil termite control is an effective method of treating localized drywood termites. But don’t assume that traditional treatments and fumigation are no longer valid options. Only tent fumigation can guarantee complete drywood termite eradication of an entire structure at once. Why is this? 90−95% of a building's wood framing is covered by drywall, plaster, flooring, insulation, paint, roofing, stucco, and so on. Localized treatment with orange oil will only control the infestation in the areas where an infestation can be identified and treated. This is part of the issue when termites can hide within your homes internal structure. Termites spread by swarming (flying) and can land in the most secluded places in a structure to begin a new infestation. If you can't get to that area for a thorough inspection, then you will have no knowledge of the need for treatment in that area either. So what exactly is orange oil? And what are the pros and cons for using it to eliminate termites? 

Benefits of Orange Oil Termite Control:

Orange oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the orange fruit. This oil has many benefits outside of trying to get rid of termites. These would include reducing stress, pain relief, overall household cleaner, and a variety of other things! As with many products, there will be pros and cons. Some benefits of using orange oil for termite treatment can include: 

  • Toxicity is low.
  • Effective against other insects besides termites i.e., carpenter ants, beetles.
  • Will not have to remove items such as plants or pets.
  • You will not have to leave your home when treating.

Disadvantages of Orange Oil Termite Control:

Orange oil does kill termites, but the question at hand is, will it get rid of an infestation, or just a select few? The disadvantages of using orange oil can include:

  • Orange oil is localized - will not control undetected infestations.
  • Large treatments with orange oil could cost more than fumigation.
  • It does not leave a long-lasting residual for future protection.
  • Requires drilling into your walls and wood members.

After some companies claimed that orange oil treatments were similar to or better than fumigation treatments, the California Structural Pest Control Board reminded pest control companies not to confuse and misinform customers: “orange oil is another localized treatment tool…against the elusive drywood termite. It is not an alternative to all-encompassing methods of treatment” such as fumigations. Like other localized treatment chemicals, orange oil treatment entails injection or surface treatment of wood members. Sulfuryl fluoride fumigation is best for the complete eradication of large termite infestations or in inaccessible areas where a local treatment is not feasible. Fumigation has been extensively researched and effectively used for decades with strict procedures and specific control safety measures reviewed and supervised by the Structural Pest Control Board, EPA, and Department of Pesticide Regulation. 

Look for Professional Termite Control

In spite of its ”green and eco-friendly" marketing appeal, orange oil is not as effective or long-lasting against drywood termites as other termiticides. Our exterminators at the bugman offer termite control using one or several reliable termiticides to combat and eradicate drywood termite infestations. We service areas throughout Southern California that include Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Irvine, Orange, and others! 

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