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The Buzzzzz on Bees

bee on purple flower

But the truth is, far from the stinger-happy menaces they're often portrayed as, most bees are docile creatures and incredibly valuable to the farmers who grow our food. Many plants, including the fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle of our local grocery store, depend on bees to pollinate and reproduce.

It's easy to take bees for granted, but the food chain would collapse without them.

That's why the sudden, sharp decline of the honeybee population is so concerning. Over the past five years, almost 30% of the national bee population has died off, and the USDA estimates that the agriculture industry could take a $30 billion hit as a result.

Scientists are conducting studies done to find out exactly what is happening to our fuzzy yellow friends, and have found out that lot of factors are posing dangers to bee populations, including climate change, pesticides, lack of crop diversity, shrinking habitats and parasitic mites.

It's not all doom and gloom, though. In May 2015 President Barack Obama announced a federal program to help promote pollinator health, and the bee's death rate seems to be leveling off.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't call in a professional to deal with a bee infestation in your home, though. Bees can nest in walls, damaging your home or business in the process. Fortunately, the bugman is doing his part to help save the bees, and your property.

the bugman starts with a full site inspection, in order to scope out the situation, properly identify the pests and work out a plan accordingly. They only eliminates bees if absolutely necessary, usually opting to safely remove the bees and any nests or honeycombs they may have been building. And once the bees are gone from the building, he works out a plan so that they stay out, instead living in the outdoors where they can continue to work their pollinating magic.

Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem - there's no real reason to fear them. the bugman certainly doesn't.

Let us take the sting out of pest control.

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