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7 Tips to Protect You From Ticks

  1. Stay Down the Middle - Ticks are more prevalent on the edges of paths and trails. Don't go off the beaten track.
  2. Stay Bright - Tiny ticks can be easier to spot on light colored clothing…wear white.
  3. Protect the Dome - Ticks are not only down low, they can also be found high in the trees. Wear a hat or tie your hair back, along with using bug repellent on your face.
  4. Keep your Socks High - Ticks don’t care about your fashion choices. Hike up your socks and tuck them into your pants. Keep your skin covered.
  5. Repel your Clothes - Apply insecticide permethrin to your clothes, as well as spraying relent on skin not covered by clothing. Cover all your bases.
  6. Damp Bits Beware - Ticks love dark, moist areas, so double check your arm pits, back of knees, and groin.
  7. Hit the Shower - The first line of defense is a full-body tick check and a pair of tweezers, but you might be able to scrub away any ticks you miss. By lathering up you can slash the risk of tick-born disease.

Be smart and prepared once you hit the trails!

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