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Ants: Desparate Pests in Dry Times


There's been an up-tick in the ant population as more of their eggs have survived unusually dry winters. Now they're venturing into dishwashers, sinks, bathrooms, and anywhere else they can find shelter from the hot, dry summer weather.

So how can you keep your house from becoming a new ant colony? Since ant invasions rely on the weather more than deterrence, traditional and natural pesticides aren't perfect solutions. You'll need to cut them off of what they're looking for.

Make sure your all your food is properly sealed, and your household surfaces are clean and sanitized. This interrupts the scents ants rely on in order to hunt for food. You should also plug openings and holes in your home where ants can come through.

If your house is already an ant farm, the bugman offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service to address the problem head on. A state-licensed inspector will assess the situation and provide a solution that'll work for you. the bugman uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques, and promises an ant-free home in between treatments.

As the ants go marching one by one into your home, it's important that you take the proper steps to stop the advance, and take action if necessary.

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